Māori commercial aquaculture claims settlement

We are responsible for the Crown's delivery of the Māori commercial aquaculture settlement process.

Delivering the settlement

The Māori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004 provides for a full and final settlement of Māori commercial aquaculture claims since 21 September 1992. The Act delivers this settlement through providing settlement assets to Te Ohu Kaimoana Trustee Limited (the Trustee) for distribution to Iwi Aquaculture Organisations. The settlement assets must be representative of 20% of aquaculture space, where that space is generally either:

  • Pre-commencement space

Marine farming space applied for between 21 September 1992 and 31 December 2004 (if subsequently granted)

  • New space

New marine farming space (consented or anticipated) from 1 October 2011.

Regional agreements

Settlements are made under regional agreements between the Iwi Aquaculture Organisations that represent a region, the Crown and the Trustee. Regional agreements can deliver a mix of settlement assets.

Aquaculture space is settled by region, based on regional councils' and unitary authorities' boundaries. The exception to this is that in some cases the harbours identified in the second Schedule of the Act will be settled between only those iwi whose rohe (traditional areas) abut those harbours.

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Who to contact

Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Ltd is the Trustee of the Māori Commercial Aquaculture Settlement process, and allocates all aquaculture settlement assets under the Māori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004 to Iwi Aquaculture Organisations.

Trustee contact is Kirsty Woods:

We responsible for overseeing the Crown's delivery of aquaculture settlement assets to the Trustee.

The contact is Kelly Dunn, Director Māori Partnership and Programmes:

  • Phone 04 819 4682.
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