Fisheries species codes

Use species codes when reporting catch, landings, receipts and activities. Find a list of fisheries species codes sorted by class.

When to use fisheries species codes

Use these species codes for fisheries reporting and administration, including:

  • applying for a fishing permit
  • reporting fish catch
  • reporting fishing effort
  • recording fish landing or receipt.

If you can't find a code

For unlisted species, you must:

  • record the species as 'UNI'
  • find the correct scientific name for the species
  • report the name to Fisheries New Zealand, we'll confirm the details and create a new species code.

Report species without a code by emailing

Other species code resources

FishServe – a company that provides administrative services on Fisheries New Zealand's behalf to the fishing industry – provides a handy search tool and alphabetical lists of species codes.

Who to contact

If you have questions about species codes, or to report an unlisted species, email

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